A variety of care and services are provided to meet our residents identified needs in a manner and environment that maintains and dignity and respects your individuality.


Memory Care Disclosure

Our philosophy in our Memory Care Community is to provide quality services for individuals that may be assessed to have physical and/or cognitive limitations; and to determine which individual services are most appropriate to achieve the most independent and comfortable lifestyle for each of our residents. It is our intention to promote dignity and respect for our residents and provide support for their families as we each have a role to play on behalf of the resident. We accept the resident for who they are today and want to help the families understand the disease process. Families are encouraged to visit and to continue to be an essential part of our residents’ daily lives and can help us by pointing out changes in behavior and physical issues that may not be as apparent to us.

It is important to note that the physician’s role in the resident’s care is critical during this process. It is the resident’s physician, and only the physician, who can prescribe medications and make changes to the medication program as the resident’s condition changes. Having a singular pharmacy that provides these medications is also important to assist the physician in determining any potential adverse interactions or reactions.

Many individuals and families face the reality of caring for an aging relative and sometimes our seniors experience long and short-term memory loss. Regency Park Assisted Living has a supportive and caring environment with a residential program that provides comfort, security measures and the availability of around the clock nursing staff. Since generalized aging and memory impairment in the elderly affects each person differently, it is impossible to have a simple program that meets each residents’ needs identically. At the beginning of our partnership, it is important to clearly define the services and care we are able to provide to your relative as part of our memory care program.

As aging, and the diseases that cause memory impairment to progress. Our memory care residents will become more at risk for falls, elopement, weight loss, dehydration, behavior changes, infections, metabolic changes, and compromised skin integrity. Our staff attempts to manage as much as possible all of these increased complications and works together with family and practitioners to develop a plan of care to minimize these risk factors. In addition, our community strives to provide a homelike atmosphere where we offer a safe and secure environment for our memory care residents.