We take pride in providing excellent food for our residents! There is also a pastry chef in house as well. We provide a fantastic menu that we execute with excellence. The food that we provide is based on a fine dining experience. We cook your traditional American cuisine as well as a variation of different ethnic and vegetarian dishes. Please come on in for a tour and taste of some good home cooking so that you may judge for yourself.
Our chefs strive to provide an array of quality tasty meals while also adhering to strict policies for cleanliness, nutritional content and balance, as well as individual needs of finger foods and different consistency.

Our chefs have years of cooking and management experience with restaurants and healthcare organizations. They are fully trained in proper food storage and handling. Our kitchen staff strongly adheres to all guidelines of The Food Safety and Inspection services as well our local health department.

Here at the Regency Park, we are meeting special dietary needs such as ensuring reduced salts and fats while trying to make our meals taste bud friendly. Our chefs use fresh herbs and ingredients in every meal.